Seed Production


Seed Production

Seeds production programmers are taken at various places in state of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana on farmers fields. We are supplying basic seeds i.e. Breeder & foundation seeds in required quantity, technical advice and finance according to need basis. Nucleus breeder and foundation seeds programmes are taken at our R&D Centre under supervision of the breeder.

We are associated with Organizers, Farmers for more than 30 years and our relationships with them have day by day developed and we are one of the most reliable company among growers.

Over 5000+ seed – growing farmers are under the company’s direct supervision and are responsible for effective seed production. An exclusive team educates growers about new techniques and gives them the confidence of getting better yield. We are having different locations for different crops and as per suitable climatic conditions, we are producing various crops such as Cotton, Guar, Pulses, Oil seed’s , Wheat and Barley’s. Some of the farmers are associated with us for more than 25 years in production business, this has happened only due to the faith Shriram Seeds (P) Ltd.

Production team has been able to create among the farmer’s. In these past years we have developed very healthy relationship with our Organizers and growers at different states, once the growers gets associated with us, he becomes a part of Shriram Seeds (P) Ltd.