Forage products

Our forage products include a wide range of crops, grasses and legumes that have been picked for their nutritional value, delectability and ability to grow in a variety of grazing environments.

A forage crop Amrit Gold offered by a Shriram Seeds refers to a cultivated plant variety that is specifically grown to provide high-quality feed for livestock such as multicut fodder Sorgham SudanGrass. These crops are carefully chosen and cultivated to provide high nutrition, flavor and adaptability to various growing environments. To promote the best possible health, development and productivity of livestock, forage crops may comprise a variety of grasses, legumes and other plant species that are grown for grazing, crop production or forage. We are constantly seeking individuals that have an enthusiasm for agriculture. If you or someone you know has an interest in high quality forages, improving soils please contact us about a possible dealership.

Forage products

Amrit Gold


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